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Collision Course
When two minds of similar origins collide, something infinite is conceived.
Light eminates from this unique
anomaly and continues to grow brighter and stronger as more life is created.
Space is ever changing, expanding and expanding until the excess will be shed, shrinking to what is necessary to flourish.
Truth lies in the infinite so we musn't be afraid to let go, for our incessant need to hold on will suck our souls into a finite point of self-destruction.
There is no better time to believe in the infinite and allow our beings the space they need to expand as they are meant to. 
One anomaly.
Two minds.
Three ways to be;
Alone, together, or

Thoughts in Public Spaces

Walking in a room full of people, body starting to tense up, anticipating the words I’ll never hear. Many eyes targeting my body, tracking my movements, scanning the garments surrounding my pale, vulnerable skin. “He’s clear", most heads will affirm, while others may be skeptical. Overhearing conversations about snapchat. How many times was that word used in the last 1 minute? Enough for me to ask that question.
Time Is Passing By

What to do
Time is passing by.
Fill the time with something. Anything. Something you enjoy.
“But what would I enjoy doing at a time like this?”
Time is passing by.
Quick. Hurry. Think of something to do.
Time is passing by.
Watch a movie, listen to music, read, think about making art, eat food…
Time is passing by.
Man it’s only been an hour since I thought about being bored.
I guess I’ll eat.
Time is passing by.
To Know Is To Live

Some people just don’t understand
literally, lights out.
No awareness of the subject matter that matters.
The fact of the matter is that not many people even care to understand.
Fortunately, for those who do understand, we’re safe, for now…
Live. Learn. Love.
It’s all we know and all we need to know.
For without possessing the know
all you have is a ledge
from which you may as well jump.
The Exotic Strain

He consumed more than his body could handle, the vegan matter coursing though his bloodstream faster with every gulp. Feeling healthy was he knowing he wasn’t like the rest of them and that this method would prove him powerful beyond conventional measure. Would his flexibility parallel his adaptability to morph into the final form he so deeply desired? Only the deepest roots could untangle that answer from the inner reaches of Mother Earth. 

How many questions can you ask in a day?
The more questions you have the less obstacles in your way
The key here is quantity AND quality, there‘s not an alternative
Ask the right questions and you might find better ways to live.
They say the quality of your questions is the quality of your life
But they never tell you what to ask a stranger when they threaten you with a knife
You may have a lot of questions but only a few answers will suffice
Or you may not get an answer at all if you ask, “what’s the meaning of life?”
And when the day comes that people have no more answers to give
You may have to answer your own questions if you want more years to live
Wants vs Needs

What do I want? An Octane chocolate chip cookie, a pastrami sandwich from Wexler’s deli, a Toyota 4Runner, free unlimited Delta flights. What do I need? Food (but not necessarily a cookie), water, shelter (a cardboard box can do), relationships, a goal, something to believe in, a purpose. Obviously, things we sometimes want aren’t usually what we need. That’s okay because if we’re fortunate enough, we can extend past our needs and obtain things we want. The problem arises when we become greedy or stubborn, ignorant and sacrifice things we need for things we want, like not going to the gym to watch TV, or passing up that glass of water for the super duper deluxe soda. I want to write a poem.
There once was a man with a flute
who was actually quite a brute
When strangers got near
He bit off their ear
And kicked them in the face with his boot.
Perhaps you assumed that poem needed to be about ‘needs vs. wants’ but it wasn’t, your mind just wanted it to be about the same subject matter. Maybe next time.


Head up, keep going. Don’t stop, never stop until you know it’s time. Perhaps there isn’t a time when you know to stop. Distance- a measurement of time. Distance between things. Point A to point B to point C, each point is a new time in space. Two people and the distance between. Every individual point has a unique time in space. It is only when two souls fuse together that this marvelous mishmash of beings now shares a single time in the same space. The distance separating this new entity is now zero units. Finite becomes Infinite. The ability to add more seconds to the piggybank of time is now possible, and further distances can now be reached. Together 
we go, no ego


Memorize this: Choose faith and flow over fear and control. Choose. Faith. And. Flow. Over. Fear. And. Control. A beautiful bounty to tuck away in the recesses of the mind and know it will mobilize it’s way back up to the frontlines when subject matter of the proper affair, is activated. If my memory serves me correctly, the things worth remembering are the things that you actually remember. 

Good vs Evil

Who’s good? Who’s evil? Sometimes you know and sometimes you have no idea. Who defines good and evil anyway? Is it all subjective? What’s subjective? Is all of life subjective? Is someone evil if they commit wrongdoings to save a loved one?

La Familia

Christmas dinner. A time when everyone is quiet except for those who want to speak their peace. Politics; a topic not spoken of at this time is now brought upon the silence of the room. “Who will you vote for?” I have no idea but all I know is things need to change. Anyway, family, interesting to hear each other’s point of views when we don’t talk about these topics otherwise. I find it weird I’ve never gotten into deep conversation with each of my family members, it’s usually “Hi, Bye, that’s it.” I think that’s bullshit. There’s more to say than what has and it needs to change. I guess I’ll have to be the one that does it, cause I don’t think anyone else will.

Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters- Whats a chance encounter, you go about having your fun and the unexpected happens. You didn’t ask for it nor did you hope it didn’t happen, it just did. But, for some, a chance encounter can change your life. It can completely alter your future, as if it already had a plan in the first place, depending on if you believe in that or not.
A chance encounter, an encounter of a third kind. Kind of like when you wake up on Christmas morning and you happen to get visited by Santa even know you were naughty the whole year.


A delicious treat for the soul. Oil churns the fire inside, feeding off the juices of the foreign dish. Authenticity and love being the spices of this meal, multiplied the experience more times than my mouth chimped on the succulent meat. Best of all, this food is best shared with family, especially the special one you love most dearly and with whom you couldn’t imagine another to break bread with. Fuel for both the belly and the plane, as the meal’s richness of flavor could keep the engines rolling for ample time to come.