Thoughts Of Sleep

We’re at home lying in bed and it’s the middle of winter. We have on our favorite pair of pajamas; super soft and stretchy enough to provide optimal comfort in any position. We’re also in Brooklyn with no central heating, so we may crack open a window to bring in some fresh air.
Suddenly, a swift, frigid breeze bursts through the space chilling our hands and feet. Fortunately, we have premeditated the unique  features of these PJs. Instead of closing the window we can simply extend our sleeves and pant legs to fully encapsulate our frigid extremities and bring us back to an optimal temperature.

When things really start to heat up, pun intended, what we desire becomes intimately accessible through the slow undoing of our intentionally placed buttons and mindfully hand-sewn buttonholes.

Excess gives access to a whole new level of excess.

This outfit is über comfortable and super stylish. It is the opposite of a convertible. These PJs are excessible. They provide optimal performance and comfort in bed, ultimately leading to a whole new level of excess. Are we reading each other correctly?

This is the year 2035; a Nu-Wave.

This is EXCESSible Sleepwear.


Steep Sleep

Inspired by the physics of being on the International Space Station, these sketches explore the features for optimal rest

BED Plug.png
BED Hook.png