who seeks Who

I'm breaking a sweat to not break a face
this place, my only safe haven
Without you i'd be lost, out on the high seas
of boundless thoughts
moving along every current,
in every direction,
but which one do I choose

Stationary is what i type on
but stationary
is what i gripe on,
not in the sense i call good but in one that is foreign
like the 5th, or that be the 6th,
exactly why i can't remember back to the 1st grade
to when we learned to define the senses
and now i feel i have them all down
except my cents, like
money making opportunities
as abundant as my sneeze,
just make sure to say cheese
when the cameras flash
because this moment won't last
but please be aware, the next one is coming.
Learn from these moments
Be grateful for these moments
ABC's, yes please,
and these?
these hands were grown to put sticks with stones and learn
to construct places to be
existing with ease under these trees
that grew for our sanctity
because Mother knows we need this rest
after what we've been through

Here lies your bones that clicked and clacked for as long
as you clapped and applauded for those who helped you
every step of the way
and today is the day to pray, or even just say,
Thank You
Thank You
You all have been the hall of mirrors along my journey, 
off which my light has reflected and revealed my true self
the light I've been too blind to notice
because I keep trying to grab the clouds
before thanking the flowers at my feet.
When what you see only provides so much
deeper within is where nourishment is found
What is it like to be on the ocean floor,
far below the surface
where the rolling waves above don't pause for you to breathe?
Goodbye thoughts of yesterday,
and hello thoughts of today
because this moment is new
and this moment
and this one too.
It only takes one
to open the eye of self-respect
and direct the right questions at ones own face.
who seeks Who


That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles

i think back to a time
when these rhymes were mine
and no one elses.
Freestyles flowing like my hair
when it's longer than the baldness
that was once reflected on.
10 episodes, lucky number 7.
There's a first time for every thing,
but not every one.
Often you are stuck at zero,
and without an action
you are just action potential,
and does ones potential for action decrease
the longer they stay?
This is a question i have pondered on often,
as often as i eat sprouted grain toast with ghee;
every day i suppose.
Who's supposed to help
when i've fallen and can't get up
after the fat settles and my ankles swell,
every step i take
knocking another second off my days?
And to have this thought displayed
on the back of my eyelids
bears no awareness of the good thoughts,
happiness... huh?
Whodathunk the next time you want to treat yourself
your clock's little hand just moves again?
Oh these temporary fixes
for a lifetime of brokenness.

Amorphous Forms In Spring Water.png

Senseless In A Senseless World

Life just never seems to make sense
I try to understand it through these 5 I was given
sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing
but when was someone going to teach me about the most important one?
you see it all starts back in the womb
when it was put in our bodies without our consent
every step our mothers took, to every bite of food, to every breath at sunrise
rhythm synchronized our whole being with that of our home
not who we call mom but who we call Mother
large roots with green leaves, shooting out from the ground toward the sky
the place we often think to fly
but we're too afraid of the silence
from the absence of our feet on the ground.
(left in the place of our feet in their absence from the ground).
We think no more steps means no more us,
but even without the material world that we can see,
we can still feel and have every ability
to experience the beauty that surrounds us.

How many moments of lost consciousness
will it take for us to wake
and realize that we can only make as many
excuses as we have fingers to count them with.
Over and over again
The more we lie the more we cry
At all the untold truths
we could have received from the beginning.

Even when you can’t see
There is so much to be heard.
And even when you can’t taste or smell
There is still so much to be felt.
What happens when the mind is stilled
And the light shut out
And the need to feel comes alive.
That rhythmic pulse inside of you
That will only stop when you stop
Is the most important thing to be aware of.
Inhale your thoughts
And exhale your world
Cause your word
Might be the most valuable thing you own.
But what price will you pay
To free others with the truth?