I've been a videographer and photographer for the past 6 years. I've shot a little bit of everything from fashion photo/video promo, to traveling on the road with a protegé R+B singer (who was in the backseat of the car when Lisa Lefteye (TLC) died in the Honduras, to food photography for UberEATS Miami/Atlanta, to lots of formal and street interviews for Off THA Couch to more recent documentary work at Kalu Yala in Panamá and then searching for the origins of rhythm in Ghana. 

I put together a reel HERE.

In 2015 I was accepted to a 2-month design thinking residency under Future Partners with Greg Galle, John Bielenberg (Project M), and Mike Burn where I practiced the strategy of Think Wrong.

Most recently upon returning to Atlanta I became the Art Director for Argha Noah which is a artist run civic engagement platform transforming unused urban spaces into pop-up community art hubs.

We produced a bike-In movie nights, art exhibitions, an multi-platform contemporary dance performance, and...

A Sunset Showcase where we had House and Funk DJs, an experimental music performance in a glass room, and a short film installation on the Rhythm Of Ghana I put together from my time there. The following week we held an artist talk for my project. I wrote about the Sunset Showcase on medium HERE