One Hand Rests, One Hand Holds
(in process)

Some time from now, the unjust who remain in power are unable to handle their responsibilities. All trust and dependency has been lost between them and their fellow citizens. Consumption rates are at an all time high while alignment with our planet an all time low. We head toward a new “West” in search of all that we need; to better understand ourselves in relation to each other and our world.

With things not having changed much, we find a new sense of vulnerability as our need for companionship guides our explorations of our environment. As we journey further into these pre-explored but uninhabited environments we find we are not completely free of the "Elites" visions of the near future; we find prototypes of dreamt structures, made viewable by our augmented reality-embedded contact lenses.

the new west is a metaphor for a testing ground of imagined possibilities, "what could be?"

Can we become free of the "land of the free”?
Are we able to discover our own way or are we simply moving away from one poorly designed reality toward another?

Humanity's ability to ask "What could be?" allows us the basic building blocks for radically new worlds at virtually zero initial cost. 

Will our forthcoming ability to build unimaginably endless dreamworlds through rising digital/augmented technologies, alleviate our unimaginably endless search for the belonging and connection we long for? Or perhaps we will have reached our limits driving us to a "New West" to search in all places obscure?