It all started with the idea of driving 3000 miles to give someone a hug. 


Spring break was coming up, it was my Junior year of college at Georgia State University and a couple friends and I were in my room, planning for a fun trip, looking for cruises and committing that surely we weren't going back to Panama City Beach again. The idea of a road trip came up. I didn't even like driving in Atlanta but since I had never been on one, I was fascinated by the idea. Long stretches of open grassy and desert roads,  blasting popular tunes with my close friends, spilling yummy snacks all over the back seat, with a freeing sense of lightness. We started discussing more. We were surfing the interwebs as usual when, by no coincidence, a video link popped up "Man with Down Syndrome runs New Mexico Restaurant". We were curious. After a couple minutes in of watching this man, with a huge smile plastered on his face, running around his restaurant giving everybody hugs and stating "I'm living my dream", my face lit up with the most grand idea I had concocted up until that point. I I laid out the plan as my friends listened in amazement, adding their thoughts and ideas to the adventure. 

We would drive to Albuquerque and back, hitting as many cities as we could, finding interesting people to interview who were pursuing their dreams, having as much fun as we could create, with the intention of compiling all the footage and inspiring messages into a project that could be shared with others to show them how possible it is to break free from the complacency of conventional life and make a living doing what you love. All of this within a time frame of 10 days.

I had come up with the name Off T.H.A. Couch (Touching Higher Atmospheres) a couple years earlier but when this idea came about, it instantly clicked that this should become the project name. We thought that by getting off the couch and breaking free from our everyday routine of complacency, that we could do amazing things and touch higher atmospheres. So, we made it official by creating Off THA Couch LLC on the feeling that this idea could make a huge impact on the lives of people who needed to see what was possible.

A few more road trips after that covering 10,000 miles of North American asphalt, this project is a work in progress as we have found so many more inspiring people and have learned how to better develop the experience that we want to share.

Learn more about this exciting project here.