I've been called many names since my conception. First I was Natalie or Marissa, but I turned out to be a boy. Then came Brandon. Bubba. Monkey Boy. MowMowMan. 
Boogerbox. Master Brandonious. Gilligan. Polack. Brando. Brandy. B.

I didn't choose these names. They were projected on me. Some made me feel good and others created lasting negative effects. Everyone else had a vision of who I was,
until I, myself, did not.
It was halfway through college and my mind began to shift. 

It would be profound to say I woke up one morning and had this grand idea to choose my own path. Instead it happened gradually out of boredom. What started with a phone camera in a thrift shop, turned into a deep curiosity that has taken me to some fascinating places with incredible people. Along the way I always kept something with me; this innate ability to question everything and form meaningful connections with interesting strangers has motivated me to continue exploring all the ideas that flow through me. 

I have a vivid imagination. My ability to connect the unconnected results in some wild ideas. Skeptics say I think too much. Believers say I'm a visionary. Whatever the viewpoint is, here I am, in this moment trying to take each day as it comes while applying my intellect and intuition in the most creative ways I know how.

You can call me Brandon Gilliam Polack. 
Welcome to my mind.