January 4th, 2016

a meteor hit outside our room in the ocean
we walked up the main lobby granite stairs and polar bear paws were q
outlined in black circles,  we went to this room and outside was a guy wearing a pb costume,  I kept looking and I walked up some carpeted stairs and tuned the corner and 10 ft seat their was a polar bear sleeping in a chaie, I slowly went back to the room and closed the door, we took off all our stuff and knew we would be hanging out there awhile, then I looked out the window toward the ocean and saw a bright meteor conning toward earth, it struck in the ocean and we knew we had to leave because the waves would be huge, I looked at my belongings and only reached for my hard drive knowing that it would be broken anyway if I got wet at all. we got our bikes and ran downstairs and took off, the hotel or building acted as a barrier to the waves so I don't think it was as bad and once I noticed it was safe on the other side opposite the ocean I decided to go back and get the rest of my stuft, I think Z was there and would end up going with me to the room, then i awoke