3.3 Blue Jeans

3.2 Adoption

3.1 Perfume

2.29 Brothers & Sisters

2.28 Divorce & Separation

2.27 Four-Leaf Clover

2.26 Social Ladder

2.25 Medicine

2.24 Promises

What is a promise?
Is it being able to trust in someone to have your back, to have respect for someone? Is it more? Is it something that you believe you can hold onto to have one less thing to worry about? Cause things change. And unless it's a promise you make to yourself you have no control over promises made to you by others. Nothing is promised. The lips alter position to produce sounds which articulate a thought from the brain. A promise is defined as a statement someone tells you of something that will definitely happen in the future. It's ironic because there is the possibility that a promise can't be promised. Tomorrow isn't promised. Hell, the next second from now isn't promised. But why do most of us take life for granted? Have we not been slapped in the face by the truthful hand of reality? Some have some haven't. I don't believe I have yet, but I can only do my best to pursue the opportunities that I can see to be prepared for that slap and block it with my own hand. It is possible to be proactive to your environment. We don't have to be plant people; only being able to be reactive to our environments. We gain sustenance and ultimately life from external sources but can't make decisions on our own. Let's climb out of our pots and explore what the world has to offer, and hope we can just stick to the little promises we tell ourselves on a daily basis. That is all we can hope for.
2.23 Having A Stroke

2.22 Pockets
2.21 Strangers

This is where nobody's become somebody
where the Have Nots become the Have Now's.
The day you meet a stranger your world just inflated another increment of PSI.
Positive Societal Interaction.
Here at Life, we believe in speaking to people that are strange to you.
You already know the people you know so you're kind of just going
in a circle.
We ask you to change that, by approaching a stranger and telling them your name.
Or, you may not even choose to tell them your name but rather, tell them what you love about them.
You may ask, "What would I love about a person I've never met?"
Well, that's your job to decide because it's how you perceive the world.
Just because you've never seen this strange person before doesn't mean
that person is really strange.
This stranger could become your best friend, or your future spouse, or hell,
they may even be a mystic who can help you while on life's path.
Don't believe me?
Go find out for yourself.
Go talk to a stranger.


2.20 Empathy

2.19 Grafitti

2.18 Black Balloon

Without light this otherwise joy-bearing object seems to bear no joy, no happiness, only suffering. A party for the dead, to mourn of an existence not enjoyed. Sadness, accommodating the weakest of men moping about the soulless city, no need to look up in hope, the future lies in keeping your head down, eyes fixated on each foot getting placed in front of the other, keeping tabs on the meager beginnings of cracks that make their way to the (crevice) of larger holes. A shoelace praying they stay secure to their twin a little while longer before becoming lonely come nightfall and the fireplace is lit, burning still while the wine is enjoyed by sullen expressions. Life beyond this point seems dull, no reason to reach out and grab what was once but a dream. There are only nightmares now. They have become commodities (part of everyday life). Two old friends sit across from each other at the diner on the corner, where they used to discuss women, politics, and existentialism. Now their insomniac faces stare bleakly into each others and try to not mutter their recollections of the nightmares they’ve been having for years now. They share similar thoughts however because they are among the group who chose to become nothing with their lives. People who all but lived a greater life, who celebrated each new year on their birthday and could see growth and progression. In their nightmares, the repeating thoughts that never change, they sit in the middle of a dimly lit room, on the middle cushion of their couch and stare, lost in thought at the flickering of the illuminated black box that sits before them. The black balloons that fill the entire room surrounding them serve as a reminder of hopelessness and will remain until perhaps they smash their addiction and   have a sharp piece of glass to rid the hollow inflatables from their mind.
2.17 Missing Puzzle Pieces

2.16 Emotional Paranoia

2.15 Suicide Notes

2.14 Phobias

2.13 Parade

There are festivities going on in my mouth and I have no control of this stimulation. This food is the most succulent of it's kind, really better than any kind you can find. Everything character in the lineup has it's own beautifully arranged costumed, carefully ornamented to dazzle the senses upon first exposure. This is the beauty of things that are created with love. When it's for the right reason, for the right occasion, everything else good follows. I will never forget this celebration of flavor my body feel, my tongue wants to extend further than the boundaries of my mouth and jump and dance and invite everyone else to the party because it knows it is experiencing the real deal. Nothing else matters when this parade comes into town. Time stops. Everything is present.
Thank you Kameel.
Long Live Aviva.
2.12 Swearing

Swearing is caring
I have just decided.
People think it's nasty and vulgar
but I think it adds more emphasis to your message
when you throw in a little fuck you.
So, to all my overanalyzing tendencies that don't allow me
to get anything accomplished, and all the times
I've told myself to just do and not worry about failure...
fuck you.
2.11 Celebrating A Birthday

Some are young some are old
but it doesn't matter as long as you're bold.

2.10 Prostitution

2.9 Radio

Radiooo oh radiooo
why do you hate me so
your songs are shit so I leave real quick
where to turn, I just don't know.
radiooo oh radiooo
you're controlled by a bunch of clowns
stuffing their pockets so ratings skyrocket
but my volume is always turned down.
When will you come back
and stop playing your crap
I'm in need of a good tune to hear
if time persists
and you're still blasting shit
my brain my shoot out from my ears
2.8 Magic Tricks

Look deep down into my bag
and tell me what you see
maybe you'll like it or 
maybe you'll flee
If it's something you desire 
go ahead, try and grab it
it may bite you back
and turn out to be rabid.
greedy cures turn to poison
drip by little drip
inject the serum with purpose
watch your brain matter flip
the things that you need
are what the eye can't see
for the tricks are the truth
if that's what you can believe
2.7 Hangman

2.6 Queen Of Hearts

This is the top dog of the deck. She owns the light. She's powerful and strong yet knows when to stay humble and show her sweet side because that is what shows her true abilities. Her uncanny ability for extracting desire and lust from those who would hold close everything true to themselves in normal circumstances. But the tables have turned when in the presence of this idol. She is everything you want and need. Only the confidently brave will attempt to position themselves as an equal by her side, nothing more, nothing less. For she knows who she is and what she wants, and a lesser being is the farthest thing from that. A Queen of Hearts needs a King of Spades, with almighty strength and willingness to take on the boldest of tasks at the peril of the weak. None shall take his pride and glory in what he holds true, and everything he sets out to accomplish. For he who seeks, will discover. And he who discovers will learn. And he who learns can master. And he who masters can teach. And he who teaches is set free, for his lesson is priceless and weighty that none can possess or contain it.
He who is set free is encouraged by she who has already been.
2.5 Refugee

2.4 Rock N Roll

2.3 Tomorrow

1. Wake up and decide it's your day
2. Make list of everything you can think of you want to accomplish
3. Write down To Do list
4. Read list item #1
5. Execute list items efficiently until satisfied.
6. Add new list items as they arise.
7. Work hard. Be Relentless
2.2 Rules

Smacking lips, ears remain open.
Trying to define, move forward.
Ok rules are in place. Wait, what are they?
Can I make up new ones?
Must accept new terms and conditions.
Sign your being on the dotted line, patiently.
You will be notified when your request is processed.

2.1 Betrayal

I questioned signs of betrayal. I took it personal. Wrong choice. I didn't know truth from fiction, top from bottom.
1.31 Catastrophe
My set expectations, that I should have never had in the first place, obviously couldn't weren't delivered which caused mer to create a whirlwhind of anxiously paranoid thoughts, sending me spiraling into the unknown and left in the dark.
1.30 Highs & Lows

I've think I've felt the entire spectrum of highs and lows with this one. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. 
The only hope is that the lows remain short in length
and long in lessons learned.
1.29 Wonder

I wonder why this is happening to me?
Why now? What's wrong?
My mind is making up stories about why this is happening.
I musn't wonder anymore. I must find out.
1.28 Disaster

Most people get scared when they think of a disaster. The term implies something so devastating that hardship in the affected peoples' lives is inevitable. Of the lucky few who survive, only the strong willed will continue to grow
1.27 Monsters Under The Bed

I don't know if I used to think there were monsters in my bed
but I definitely thought there were monsters in my closet. 

1.26 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Being obsessed with something can only drive you mad.
The more you cherish it and depend on it for happiness, the worse you'll
feel when you don't have it.
Perhaps regarding it with care but letting your bond between it
grow by allowing it the time and space from your presence.
It may be difficult at first but as you continue to practice
your will power at allowing being apart,
the time that is spent together will not be taken for granted
and may enjoyed with true happiness.

1.25 Sculpture

Something material that can be perfectly designed
they say the best things get better with time.
Allowing the space for creative expression 
mistake after mistake will teach you a good lesson.
Deeper and deeper into your flow you go
the more you focus the more your mind will let go.
This let go is good cause your life will get better
all worries out the window and nothing to fetter.
Here ye here ye listen up, be aware
the more you pay attention the less you have to stare.
1.24 A Snowy Day

Oh how I miss you snowy day.
I haven't been in your presence in awhile.
I miss your icy cold, cocaine white hue.
I miss your ability to compact into balls and create superficial beings.
I miss you so much that I could almost cry,
except for the fact that I'll see you in exactly 2 months
in a place I've never set foot in before.
Excitement is an understatement, if there's even a word that
better expresses my _________.
See you soon,
your soon to be best friend.
1.23 Insanity

This is insane trying to write on a topic for every day of the year in 2016 I mean it's just really insane to spend the time doing this when I could be watching TV or playing video games or smoking weed with my friends or doing all this other important stuff that I don't get to do because I'm too busy spending my time writing about things that I've never experienced which I why I feel that my time is being wasted because I'm forcing myself to write on these things that I have no clue about which is why I think this is insane and I don't know how long I can keep this up but I'm just going to keep going and see what happens because I've heard good things come to those who are patient and work hard so that's why I choose to write about these topics that I know nothing about because I want to received whatever is waiting for my at the end of the year although maybe it won't be anything because you know nothing in life is promised you have to work for it so how do I even know that this is considered hard work to the Gods of Hard Work I just have no idea so I guess I'll just be patient and continue to type away...
1.22 Jealousy

Can you rhyme something with "jealousy"?
I don't think so.
real lousy.
It's such a unique word, most may actually be jealous.
But the problem here lies in people not believing in their own uniqueness.
They think they aren't anything special and just stay complacent in this world.
That's exactly the opposite of what is true and what you should do.
Get up, get out, and erase "jealousy" from your vocabulary,
for the moment you do so your life just got 10x better.
Trust the truth,
and don't be jealous
of my wisdom.

1.21 Being Replaced

This one is dull but that one is shiny.
This one is boring but that one is fun.
This one is small but that one is big.
This one is stupid but that one is smart.
This one sucks but that one is awesome.
This one is weird but that one is cool.
This one is ugly but that one is pretty.
This one is annoying but that one I like to be around.
This one keeps looking at me funny but that one never looks at me at all.
This one has curly hair but that one has straight hair.
This one has no legs and that one can run forever without stopping.
This one is me but that one is them.
1.20 Identity Crisis

My ID was stolen.
I swear it was in my wallet that remained in my back pocket at all times
until I had to pull it out quickly to expose it's data in return for some good.
Last time I checked it was in my pocket and the last purchase I made
was at the corner store when I got those 40s for me and you.
We drank them. We got really drunk.
We started to talk about our childhood and how we didn't have too many friends,
and maybe that's why we're so weird now. But if you think about it,
we're not really weird in the context everyone else uses it in
because by not exposing our minds to others at a young age, we were
able to stay true to ourselves and keep doing what we truly loved to do.
So I guess you could say we're unique, but what are we doing here?
Who am I?
Man I'm having an identity crisis.
1.19 Lust

Lust for life.
Turn me on so my insides toss in turn in a pleasurable state
while I continue to laugh and cry with emotions of grandeur.
Show me something greater than what is now.
For those who don't believe they have the truth within them, I tell 
you now that
it is.
Wake up and lust over the desires you don't consciously have but you should,
for those are the things, when obtained, that will see you free.
1.18 Irony

 What's ironic is that my being wants to write continuously but I do not do so.
Even though I sit here and type away I don't feel good about it,
like I'm forcing myself to do it.
Well that's the truth and it's the only way I'll get caught up.
Eight days to write to catch up.
1.17 Traveling Alone

How far have you come?
What have you come for?
Is it the truth you are in search of?
Perhaps it is to complete a thought you have.
Whatever it may be, self-reliance can learned through traveling alone.
The very will of your mind to do things on your own has so much power.
It is believed that all good things come to those who sacrifice,
who take on the greatest hardship, because there is the most to learn.
Where are you going?
1.16 Money

Who needs it?
Well apparently all of us because I still haven't thought of
a good way to live without needing it.
I would love to though because it truly is the root of all evil.
The thought of money doesn't make me happy, as it should because
it buys me things I enjoy; food, bowling, movies, dates.
But the idea of NEEDING it, that's a sad story.
What if we went back to bartering, and the only way to get good stuff
would be to trade good stuff. Meaning you need to put in the work
to learn a service that people would trade for.
Now, the only way I want to make money is being creative.
But, I don't want to be in a 9-5 job, which I'm not.
It's only a matter of time before I start doing stuff
that will help me become who I've been thinking of so often.
I wish I could buy for time.
1.15 Explosion

An extraordinary outburst
Stand together for what you believe in even if someone else
tells you that you are wrong.
Inside you feel.
Outside you show.
No more acceptance of what has been or what remains.
Every new day is a time to change.
Run with it or be left behind.
Only the strong willed believers will survive.
1.14 Gratitude

Forever grateful of this meal, of this family, of this life.
Aviva by the man himself, Kameel.
"Hello, my friend!"
"I LOVE You!"
Forever grateful of his customers, so much flavor, love, and joy.
Lunch line stretching farther than the family lineage in the room.
Day after day, people returning for this joy.
Even me.
It hasn't gotten old yet.
Variety leads to choices leads to happiness.
Gratitude is the attitude.
1.13 Consequence

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Newton's Third Law states.
Things you do now have an equal effect later on, the question is "When?".
Couch potatoes may stay couch potatoes.
The thing I want to look at here is the amount of pain you suffer
could lead to an equal amount of joy.
If all good things require sacrifice in some form or another,
then the more joyful you'd like to be, the more pain you must endure.
It makes sense to me.
If I think about being unhappy, I also wonder if I deserve to be the opposite.
In Zen philosophy, it is said that "to live is to suffer".
If this is held true, your happiness depends on how you
choose to react to things that come in your way.
Everything can be great if that's what you make it.

1.12 Different Ways Of Thinking

How can my mind be in a state of such disarray?
I told myself not to think this way.
I was on my own while the good feelings did persist
but my gestures to connect our physical beings were dismissed.
Dancing, singing, putting everything in its place
I watched with confusing thoughts that were hard to erase.
Wondering why, I thought about apologizing
but what was the point, the waves surrounding me continued rising.
Eyes shutting slowly, I drift off in ease
I hope as time passes I'm easier to please.

1.11 Guardian Angels

Who's watching over me?
I have a favor.
The lottery is way above any amount for any one man or woman to magically acquire from spending $1. It would be selfish of me to ask to win this amount or at least match a couple numbers upon purchase of a ticket today. But, if I did, that'd be gucci bandanas. Thinking about what I'd do with the money 
has me questioning myself.
*Why can't I already do the necessary things now to make my dreams come true?*
I wonder.
Now watch me work. 

1.10 Disillusionment

eee I didn't type that. Hmmmm, I am under the impression that this happened. If I didn't see the keys get pressed to create such a terrifically onomatopoeiatic error, did it really happen? eeeeeeeeeeeeee it makes me want to breathe this sound of joy out into the world. Hopefully other people can hear it otherwise I may be in a state of disillusionment. That would be bad right?
1.9 Orchards

Organized living.
 Growing lives in order, in rows usually. 
Who decides the order?
Does there need to be order to yield the sweetest fruit?
Life can't always be planned.
The structure of what you're creating can be planned 
but unexpected obstacles may still arise.
Drought, insects, below freezing temperatures.
Losing all your money, haters, losing a friend or family member.
Again, patience shows its face in these tumultuous times.
It is prominent in most beautiful life situations.
Organize your thoughts.

1.8 First Romance

The first romance of the season. Tis a beautiful thing. The trees still bare of life. The animals hiding from humanity (Don't they do that anyway?) What is romance but a connection between two things. Unconditional? possibly. Love at first sight? ehhh maybe. What
1.7 Gilding a Lily

Add a little extra to what's underneath
peel off the first layer, pull the knife from the sheath
I caught them real hard I didn't know what to do
and I kept rollin with the good ones
found the path to be true.
One thing after another pieces becoming a puzzle
felt like things were looking up
so I slowed down the hustle.
She showed me the realness didn't need to add flare
really feeling her words sliding down through her hair
waves upon waves rolling thick beautiful
everything necessary 
1.6 Mayhem

Three hundred and sixty degrees multiplied thrice. Vomit on the verge of expulsion from the previously talkative orifice, but in this moment the only words mustered are "oh shit". Balance in life is so necessary, so much so, that when you become unbalanced, your body wants to correct itself to keep your center of gravity in the, you already guessed it, center. However, when a second plane is added between you and your natural state of grounding, there is some extra compensation that can't always be accounted for. This is when mayhem ensues and your top and bottom become your peripherals, and there is no way to escape without prying the clutches of the rolling Monster of Mayhem from your ankle. Who even thought it was a good idea to buy one of these things? Damn kids.
1.5 Speed

My mind is racing faster than a speeding bullet, faster than it took you to take note of how cliché that metaphor was. That’s fast. So many ideas swirling around my head. So much excitement, my only ability would be to fill the brightly lit atmosphere of Time & Space with vomited gibberish. The overwhelming nature of these topics is begging me to launch a flurried attack of thoughts out into the world. Again, the key here is patience. This word will continue to pop into the head the more I think about future endeavors and how badly I want everything great to happen NOW. But what good would it do me if that happened? Where’s the fun in that? Shut up and be patient, and you’ll see yourself speed past the competition in no time at all.
1.4 Childhood Memories

A greedy child feeling unattended. He takes what is not his to take and enjoys the other’s things not yet to be enjoyed by himself. What’s your cause little boy, do you not know sharing is caring. That is, in the words of the ancient book of virtues, in which the concept of ‘patience’ is also forewarned. Years down the road the boy understands the meaning of this teachings, for he sees the effects when these ideas are not heeded. Do the right thing now and love, friendship, and respect are acquired. No one to blame except yourself. No one to trust except time itself. Trust in the hands of the father for he knows when the pages of your life will turn to reveal a new chapter heading.
1.3 Peace of Mind

There are, in this life, many ways of gaining joy
such as eating a cookie or buying a new toy
but the best things of all you can’t buy with dough 
you must put in some effort to watch your life glow
Love, adventure, friends, and food
If you never stop learning your life won’t conclude
Continue to live presently and you’ll always be at ease
Enjoying every moment your mind epitomizes peace
1.2 Cause/Effect

I’m not on top of my game, therefore I am writing about this topic 2 days late. Causal actions effect outcomes. Obviously. I put my time and love into something and I receive back that same amount of time well spent and much love, if not more. If you make a mistake then hopefully the source of that effect will not happen the same way again otherwise you are not learning. To cause a positive or negative effect on your life is to grow. 
1.1 New Beginnings

Renewal in a time when things come and go, pass us by quicker than I can enjoy them, in the blink of an eye we see our life go go go. Today is just another day but a new beginning to a new year, and tomorrow will be a new beginning as well. 24 hours in a day, everyone has them. What will I do with mine? We only have the present day to enjoy and make the best of. If we stick to that we will be great, happy, and amazing. Today I start my year with a beautiful lady by my side, a most beautiful new years and today, and life is good.